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40k Doubles Tournament (shared FOC) Rules

40k Doubles Tournament (shared FOC) Rules

No shared abilities. This means that anything that says friendly only applies to YOUR forces and not your teammates, even if you have the same army.
Your independent characters may not join your teammates.

Your models may ride in a teammates transport IF and ONLY IF that transport also has an entry in your codex. Please note that Tau and Eldar teams are considered to have each other’s transports.

Models do not have to be painted but must be WYSIWYG. If you have 4 plasma guns in your army you need to either have 4 plasma guns or have 4 guns that don't look like any other gun in your army.

Each team must supply a 2000 point list using a NORMAL force organization slot AND each teammate must spend NO MORE than 1000 points. This means that the 2 teammates must each have at least 1 HQ and 2 troops.
Scenarios: 1st Round: Capture & Control 2nd Round: Seize Ground 3rd Round: Annihilation Each table rolls for deployment at the start of the round.
Victory Conditions: 4pts for a win, 2pts for a draw, 1pt for a loss, and 2pts if your opponent is tabled. In Round 3: 6pts for a win, 2pts for a draw, 1pt for a loss, and 2pts if your opponent is tabled
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